Homeschool Parents:

The Jefferson Scholar Program method will help you educate your family, not just school them.

Help your high-school-aged youth level up by learning

the Jefferson Scholar Program method for homeschool.

Don't just give your youth a workbook. Help them build an education.

Public schools are falling to pieces, and not just because of what they're teaching,

but because of how they're teaching.

What are you doing that's different from public school?

Are you doing it intentionally, or is it a happy coincidence?

Is your youth actively studying, or just doing worksheets to get it done and check the box?

As a homeschool parent of high-school-aged youth, you've likely wondered how you can teach appropriate high-school-level topics without being an expert in everything. How do you keep his or her attention and help them see the beauty in learning?

Teenagers aren't always likely to seek out learning for themselves. You've tried different methods, different styles, but there's something wrong with almost everything.

Jefferson Scholar Program

is your answer.

We aren't a curriculum. We aren't a workbook. We're a method.

The Jefferson Scholar Program helps your youth choose the next level. It teaches scholar skills and allows a student to chase his or her curiosity to become truly invested.

No regurgitation of information here!

I'm Lisa Mauer.

In my 17 years of teaching high school students, I've learned a lot about how education differs from schooling and how a true education can help youth both in the short and long term.

Education and freedom are symbiotic, they work together for the benefit of those who choose to invest themselves. I truly am passionate about helping youth choose the challenge that will lead them to personal freedom.

Freedom is not just being able to do anything, but the ability to choose to do those things that better yourself and the world around you. I dedicated myself to developing, refining, and fine-tuning the JSP through six years, and through over 145 high-school scholars. I know the ideas, principles, and mindsets of the Jefferson Scholar Program work to help youth take ownership of their own educations.

A few benefits the JSP:

  • Youth get the chance to be curious and learn what he or she interested in.

  • Empowers youth to take responsibility for their own educations.

  • Youth do their work, not mine or yours.

  • Opportunity to practice lifetime study and work habits.

  • Youth enjoy beautiful learning instead of forced learning.

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3 Techniques to Help Your High-School Youth Take Control of Their Education

This document outlines my philosophy for the

Jefferson Scholar Program

and teaches three specific techniques

for helping your high-school youth study more effectively

and begin to understand the joy of learning.

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