Parent Reviews

You!!! Thank you! It is because of you that my kids know how to learn on a much higher level, understand that primary sources (not the internet) is a closer source of truth, and that quality is definitely much more important than quantity! Thank you for every inspirational thought, kind word, and high expectation you held my kids to! And I have truly loved my friendship with you! I love that you are still inspiring, and you know and show that is one of your missions! Thank you, Lisa Mauer, you will always be one of the best examples of a Mentor. ~ Tewie L.

I took the Jefferson Scholar boot camp in June and it was a great decision. Lisa was very positive and helped me understand the differences between learning by instruction and learning from discovery, and about what motivates people. She gave us examples on how to use what she taught us and was eager to answer our questions.

I was able to use what she taught us right away, even with my pre-scholars. I've also been using it to understand what motivates my children, then I can guide them towards learning by discovery, and explaining that part of freedom is for them to decide whether they want to have a great education or a mediocre one, and that they will reap the fruits of either one of those.

Thank you Lisa for sharing with us all that you have learned in your several years of experience teaching and mentoring the youth. Any mentor will be very lucky to have you as their coach. ~Laura D.

I thoroughly enjoyed the JSP Bootcamp! Lisa has cracked the code to help students get motivated to not only understand how to develop good learning habits but also to acquire or keep their love of learning. If we don't love learning while we are young-will we become life long learners? I don't know but the JSP Bootcamp opened my eyes to a new approach in order to help my kids on the right track. We have all heard the saying that if we don't know history it will repeat itself. Well my kids are going to learn it, know it, and feel it with this JSP Program! I would highly recommend this class!

Thank you Lisa!

~ Taryn

Taryn Baron

Youth Reviews

JSP is the best class I have ever taken. I was sure that I would fail, and I still came to class because the life lessons I was learning were so important. I would totally recommend this course to anyone who wants to improve [their] life. All you have to do is give your heart to learning.

~JFH 22-23

In only one school year at JSP I have learned more about hard work and myself than in 9 years of schooling. JSP truly allows for you to own your education, ... I have learned how to study to better myself rather than my grade. I have learned to study the world and myself to discover truth. I have grown relationships I will treasure for years to come. JSP is truly the best experience one can choose for themselves.

~ETH 22-23

JSP was a good class that helped me to manage my time and skills.

Mrs. Mauer is amazing and is so helpful and supportive. She has always wanted us to succeed.

~DS 22-23